3D Printing technology in Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s new windows operating system 8.1 is coming with 3D printing technology. This is the first operating system with the support of 3D printing technology. with the help of the OS it is like printing out a document. Simply by clicking print. The 3D printers has its own set of configuration so user have to export their designs based on the different  OS. Microsoft’s 8.1 coming with native printing user interface.It is compatible with different printers. the software has logical choices like what material to print, what  the object is solid or hollow, what color to print.just like a normal printer the 3D printer can be used in the windows 8.1 operating system.

what is 3D printing

3D printing is nothing just create a model or  an object on a computer and print it by using  different materials like plastic,metal etc. Most of the  car manufacturers, aerospace companies, toymakers using this 3D technology. Now  from jewelry  to robotics everything using 3D technology.

why this innovation

To simplify the process of understanding 3D file formats, and connecting lots of apps with lots of hardware to deliver an end-to-end solution for customers and make anyone can set up their own table-top factory the windows in built with 3D. By simply use a  plug-n-play support for printers.

Benefits and features

with the help of this the user can built their needed 3D models from their home. No need to wait for the manufacturers for the simple products.  It has a API for apps to submit 3D manufacturing jobs to your 3D printer, Job spooling and queuing support , Keywords for modelling devices.