Amazon Cloud Drive Photos App for iOS

Today lot of Cloud storage app is available to store the data’s in the secured place.  This app is available free for some limited storage and after that user have to pay some amount for the additional storage. Like Google drive,Verizon Cloud storage, Dropbox lot of cloud storage app is available for the user’s to store their valuable data’s.Amazon were also added into this list by providing the Cloud Drive Photos app.. This app was already launched for Android devices on November 2012. Now the Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos app launched for iOS devices too specially for iPhone and iPad owners. This App helps the user to Protect and store all of  their photos in one  secured place with Amazon Cloud Drive Photos.

The user can access photos from your iPhone or iPod , PC or any web browser. The user can upload their photo’s from any of the device like iPhone iPod,PC and they can access and view the images using the iPhone, iPad and PC.Using the App the user can share their photos in the  Cloud Drive using Facebook, Twitter and via email. The App is available free in iTunes store from 9th May 2013. Currently version 1.0 is available.Also available with most of the familiar languages like English, French, German, Italian.This Cloud App is currently compatible for iOS device that runs on iOS 6 or later versions.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos App on iTunes Store















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