Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Google is working on its next Operating system  Android 5.0. The Android 5.0 is named like a dessert  as Key Lime Pie. But the official release date of this operating system was unknown still. Lot of things expected at Google I/O. But nothing happened in that event regarding Android 5.0.Lot of  rumors were raised about the Android 5.0. Last week one of the post from Google plus that was posted by the designer. according to that post these are the some of the features that were expected from the Android 5.0. Transparent task bar, Google widget improvements.The lock screen has been overhauled with even more information than ever before and the entire UI on the top is different too.

Also the contacts and People app is currently messed Up.This may be improved well.Apart from this Visual Voice mail,Beef of Google Now,Find my android,Revamped messaging,Offline maps,improved battery life and performance,enhanced multitasking.