Android App Twitter updated with HoloUI, new card support

Twitter has updated their Android app with Holo UI. Not only feature a  Holo UI, but there are swipe-able tabs and font changes. Menu button also gone after the update. The new updated twitter feels a million times better than the old. The update not only changed the App’s design it also included new card features .Twitter’s new cards, expanded tweet info-container-type things, now support enhanced app integration.For example the user you can be taken directly to Google Play from the Twitter card to install the app and after that the user will be directly taken to that app.The new Cards will allow for new capabilities like mobile app deep linking, photo galleries as well as product information.

Jason Costa, Twitter’s head of platform wrote  in a blog post ” expanded Tweets with three card types: summary, photo and player/video. Since then, we’ve heard that publishers want to be able to share different types of content. With these new card types, more publishers can show more types of content on Twitter,”  to explaining how the need to add more Cards came . With Product and Gallery, the total count of Cards available on Twitter have now been pushed to six.

Twitter Cards are being used by more than 10,000 developers, mobile apps and websites to richly represent content on Twitter, including article summaries, user-posted photos, videos, songs, and more.Cards had been introduced by Twitter back in June that makes Twitter go from being a simple micro-blogging service to a huger service that can contain a world of information within itself.The micro-blogging service even kicked off the ability to add filters to images with its own photo hosting service, in association with Aviary post the tiff.












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