Apple’s Find My Friends app update for location alerts

The Apple iOS App Find My Friends has been updated with a new user interface for setting up location-based notifications. The updated  app expands on your friends’ ability to know when you arrive at a specific location without you knowing.The Find My Friends app helps you to locate  your friends who have shared their location with you through the app. Not only can see  you can also find out where your friends are, when they enter and leave a specific location as well.

The update also now lets you search for locations to set up these geofenced alerts. You can always stop sharing your location with a person if you feel they’re abusing the system.Open Find My Friends and go to Me, then hit Notify. Under Send My Location, choose either “When I Leave…” or “When I Arrive…” in order to select your location.  The default setting is 300 ft, and cannot be made smaller.

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