BlackBerry going to stop BBM Music Service

BlackBerry going to stop its BBM Music service From June on-wards. The Canadian company emailed to BBM Music subscribers this week to notify them that the cloud-based service will stop working on June 2. BBM Music service was launched on August 2011 as  $4.99-per-month. The service that allowed BBM users to swap song recommendations and share music with friends.But the service has a limitations for each user to share their own personal playlist. They can only share up to 50 songs from a millions of tracks for their own personal playlist.

Just only Two years after the launch  BlackBerry will silence its streaming music service. The BBM Music service was never integrated into BlackBerry’s latest line of smartphones, which use a new operating system. but the the latest BlackBerry phones have a different free music service called Songza. Blackberry said that the user can still listen to great music on your BlackBerry, we are giving you a 30-day pass to Rdio, which gives you unlimited, on-demand access to more than 18 million songs, including the latest hits and classic albums.”

A statement from the company says the decision follows a “strategic business review” of its offerings. The company also said in the statement as “We have re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry to create a new unique mobile computing platform that enables third-parties to bring very rich music and multimedia apps and services to customers”. But the reason was unknown why Blackberry Going to close this service.












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