Blackberry Launches BBM serivce for iOS and Android

Blackberry’s one of the famous App BBM is going to be available for third party OS Apps.On the event of  Blackberry Live 2013 conference held at Waterloo, ON on 14th May Blackberry’s CEO Thorsten Heins announced  that Blackberry’s messaging service BBM will be available for iOS and Android device in this summer. Blackberry trademark BBM service will be available to third-party app that runs on iOS and Android.The  BBM, iOS and Android users can able to experience the BBM features like the immediacy of BBM chats,Multi-person chats,Voice note sharing,important,BlackBerry Groups, where BBM users are able to set up groups of up to 30 people and share calendar, photos, files and more.

This BBM service will work on the devices that runs on the Operating system like  iOS 6 or later and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later. Also BB is waiting for the approval by Apple App Store and Google Play.After that the BBM is available free  from the Google Play store and Apple App store .The user can add their contacts from the iOS and android devices via the PIN,SMS and Qr code scan.Through the NFC the Android Users can connect this service.Not only BBM also the Blackberry  included BBM channels with BBM.With the help of the BBM channels the user can connect to the peoples like businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they like.BB also planned for the update to BBM channels to provide voice and video chatting for iOS and Android.

BBM service had the achievements of more than 60 million active users per month, more than 51 million Users per day using this service averagely 90 minutes. Also there are 10 billion messages have been send and received by the customers. one of the great thing is averagely 50% of the Blackberry messages have been read with in 20 seconds after its received.One of the main reason for the success of BBM service is its “D” and “R” status. That is “Delivery” and “Read” status. The BBM service provides the high level of privacy control to the customers contacts.

To download the BBM for Blackberry devices Click on Appworld