CyanogenMod’s tile for quick Camera access

Most of the smartphone users missed the photo’s they want to take when they access their smartphone. If the users are working or accessing their App at that time if they want to take any instant picture, suddenly they have to close or minimize that app to take the picture. Because of the closing and minimizing time the user could miss the perfect photo opportunity.

Mobile Manufacturers have been striving to make fast shortcuts to get to the camera by providing shortcuts, camera buttons. CyanogenMod is showing off a new feature to help take photos even faster. They added a camera tile to the quick settings in the notification shade. When pressed, it will turn into a live preview of your camera. One more press, and you take a photo in full resolution and identical quality to the standard camera app. You can be anywhere in your OS, Apps,Games. By simply swiping down the user can access the notification shade. User can take pictures with full resolution and same quality as through the Camera app.