Dubbler App launched for iOS and Android

On 22nd May the Dubbler App is officially launched for iOS and Android. Dubbler is one of the voice based social networking App. The user can record their voices up to 60 seconds and they can modify the voice with the help of the filters by Dubbler App and they cam immediately shared with the social networking like Twitter,Facebook, Tumblr and Dubbler network.If the user don’t want others to hear their voice they can send  private, direct message.Also with the help of  Dubbler the user can snap a picture to use with your clip.The user can add a voice to all the familiar faces in your Instagram and Flickr accounts.The fun in Dubbler is one Dub leads to another.  Also the photo editor tool is available with Dubbler to edit  the photo’s.The user can create a character with Dubbler and also the user cam completely transform their voice.

The App is now available free  in both Apple iTunes store and Google Play store.

Dubbler App on Google Play store, Apple iTunes Store

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