Facebook Messenger free voice calling for Android in US

Facebook Messenger App is updated  for Android. The app finally received the voice calling update on April 19th in US to make free calls. It was originally released last month for Canadian users. Facebook said that there are 24 countries have access to the  Android version of Messenger offers voice calling.Now the update is only for US users. Once you’ve updated, you will get options to make voice Calls  to your friends who also have the VoIP enabled Facebook apps.In order to call a friend for free using Facebook Messenger, tap the “i” button that looks inside the app . The user no need to update the Messenger app to use the feature. The calls don’t need more data consumption of  Wi-Fi.

If you’re using Chat Heads to message friends, you’ll need to tap the three “more info” dots next to a person’s name to move the conversation to the Messenger app before you can make a call.Facebook Messenger has become an all-in-one messaging service. So Facebook really needs to add video-calling feature for Android devices to become all-in-one Service.

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