Features of Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s 2013 Developer conference was held at San Francisco from 26th  June to 28th  June. In this Microsoft rolled out the update to its latest operating system Windows 8. The new updated version is known as Windows 8.1. This windows new version is already rumored as Windows Blue. Microsoft’s  Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft was “refining the blend” between the desktop and Modern UI interfaces and a lot of Windows 8.1 enhancements have been designed to make the change between the two interfaces far less jarring. Microsoft also promised that lot of Windows 8 tablets will be released and the Apps like Flipboard, Facebook and the NFL also be released.

What is new in 8.1

Performance: Compare with Windows 7 and 8, in 8.1 nothing has changed big. The performance is well faster  in 8.1. For Example Zipping files is more faster than the previous.The interface is more easier to use. The sky drive is built in for file synchronization.Now the user can easily unlock the camera and can answer a Skype call without the need of a password.

Interface: The smart search and handling  multiple app on the screen on large monitors interface can also be changed. The smart search it will include email message.


Lock screen: In the Previous windows 8 the user can set their own pictures for the lock screen . Now in the lock screen the user can use picture frame and lock screen uses a slideshow of pictures.

Start Button:  The start button can be boot to the desktop.The Start screen tiles gets large that helps to select apps like Weather and Finance. Colours to customize the Start screen backgrounds,desktop background also available.To select a tile, press and hold on it. The user can select the multiple tiles to customize. The tiles can be re sized, uninstalled, rearranged and can form a groups. This start screen can fit for the devices with 8 inch screen to 27 inch .

Search: Now the new search is available in Bing. Now the search is aggregated and can be made from files,web,sky drive and anywhere.

Apps: The office app is now comes with new version and it will be available later. Xbox music and mail app also updated with in this 8.1. The new apps for the foods and fitness will be available later. The photo app is now updated with lot of features the user can edit the pictures in the app and anywhere from mail,sky drive and Camera apps.

Windows 8.1 Store: It comes with new design and user can easily find out their interesting apps. Also the new apps can be installed and updated automatically.

Internet Explorer: Windows 8.1 comes with internet explorer 11.All the appearance and designs can be easily modified with this.

Windows Explorer: With the help of this the user can add the folders to the library by simply right click the folders in the explorer.

3D printing: By default windows 8.1 having 3D printing support to print the files in 3D mode.

The exact release date of 8.1 is not announced yet. but it is expected on end of 2013.The windows 8.1 Preview is free to download. Watch out the Preview of Windows 8.1 from Microsoft











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