Fieldrunners2 Game coming on 24th April to Google Play

Here is the Good News for the fan’s of Fieldrunners2.Android users have been waiting for long time for the arrival of the Game. Fieldrunners2 is the massive sequel award winning tower defense game. Now Subatomic Studios  introduces more levels, more weapons, more enemies, and more ways to play Fieldrunners2 Game. With all that content, Fieldrunners2 is slated to be the ultimate tower defense experience.In July 2012 the team released Fieldrunners 2 for iOS iPhone and iPod Touch Devices. But not for Android version. Now after nine months Game is finally going to release on April 24th for Android, and is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store on April 24th.

Fieldrunners 2 for Android has “over 20 levels” across 4 zones. But the original Game released for iOS release had 25 levels.The game is expected to look just as same hand-painted 2D graphics, and should have extra replayability with new game modes.There is no information about the price tag .But it is available for iOS at the cost of $2.99 .

Source: Subatomic Studios












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