Google+ App Updated for Location sharing and Photo improvements

The google unveils the update to Google+. Google+ Android app has received major update to v4.0. The App is updated to improve photos and location sharing.The updated app brings Auto Backup feature that helps to back up your images privately and safely.Also the Auto Awesome feature enables the user to animate their images. The user can add  improvements like panoramas on the images.Using the Auto Highlight feature after the image upload the user can view their  highlights. Some additional Photographic tools also added to the filters like Drama and Retrolux, and controls like saturation and contrast for images. Also the Auto Enhance feature that helps to improve the places in the images.

The another feature is Location sharing that helps to find out the current location of your friends or others from the Google+ profiles who had shared their locations with you.The user can find out the locations of their friends by simply clicking the location Tab.The hash tags at the top-right of individual posts helps to reveal streams of relevant content.

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