Google Maps Engine Lite Beta to make your own maps

Maps  provide specific information that would be hard to visual or utilize, such as the specific locations of certain items, sites of phenomena, or more. Creating your own map can be tedious depending on the tool in Google Maps-based map. Google has launched the  Maps Engine Lite Beta.

This is the tool for a non-business users, and allows anyone to create their own map. The user can upload the supporting data  via spreadsheets. Once the data is added, the map can be individualized with drawing and style options. Totally three data sets can be added for comparison.  “My Maps” will also be able to import their existing creations into the beta tool, with My Maps being incorporated into Engine Lite at an unspecified future date.

Google’s Map Engine Lite has already been used to create quite a few maps by various organizations and businesses, such as MAPA Project to track where sharks have been spotted along the South African coastline. Also the  Google’s Product Manager Beth Liebert, who’s map details trail heads for various hiking paths in San Francisco’s Bay Area.












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