Humble Mobile Bundle for Android games

Most of the user’s getting their Android gaming fix from the Google Play store . Apart from the Play store some of the other marketplaces were available for hundreds of thousands of video games are available for download.

One of them is Humble Bundle, which is specially dedicated to bringing packs of great PC, Mac, Linux, and Android games at an excellent price. There is no price tag attached to the game bundles . Instead, customers pay as much as they want to, and as an added bonus they get some of the games’ soundtracks on MP3 or FLAC. There’s six types featured in the set – four for common buyers and two more for those who pay more than the bundle’s average price  of $5.56. Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs Zombies, Bladeslinger, Metal Slug 3, The Room these are the six types of Games available in the Humble Mobile Bundle.

Contre Jour is a physics-based puzzle game with 100 unique levels divided across 5 chapters. The player’s task is to navigate Petit – the game’s protagonist, through each level.

Anomaly Korea is the tower defense genre and flips it around.All of this action for the Game takes place in a beautifully-rendered, three-dimensional, post-apocalyptic world.

Plants vs. Zombies  is a Adventures Game available on a multitude of platforms and the game is enjoyable and fun.

Bladeslinger is a action Game, that every action takes place in a wild-west-inspired magical world.  Games involves fighting intense battles against all kinds of weird creatures.

 Metal Slug 3 was popular in arcades, acclaimed for its fluid graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Metal Slug 3 is a fun little game.

The Room is an awesome puzzle game that will get any avid mystery solver hooked in an instant. Game’s detailed graphics and immersive soundtrack are worthy.

Some of the money that one pays for a bundle gets donated to charity. One of the non-profits that benefits is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fights in courtrooms and Congress to protect privacy and free expression online and throughout the world. The other is the Child’s Play charity, dedicated to providing games and gaming systems for sick children in hospitals.

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