Improves your typing speed with MessagEase keyboard

MessagEase is a very different keyboard, fastest keyboard to type which you never experienced before. Its a QWERTY keyboard with bells and whistles. Its third party keyboard with a lot a differences when compare to a normal QWERTY keyboard.

MessagEase essentially has 9 large keys  (a,n,i,h,o,r,t,e,s) with an ingenious letter assignment that is designed to maximize your speed and to ease your writing. It may take you a few minutes to learn this new way of writing. It will save your hours by texting, writing faster and current recorded speed is 80 Words Per Minute. When you install MessagEase, you can also receive some typing games which helps you to practice and improve your typing skill.

MessagEase is the world’s most innovative touch screen keyboard, revolutionizing text entry on mobile devices. It’s the smartest keyboard for smartphones and tablets where the QWERTY keyboard is inefficient. It’s also the ideal and suitable keyboard for Google Glass, Facebook Glass, Apple Glass, or any other AR glass.

MessagEase is based on several years of scientific research and uses letter frequency and di-gram data to optimize the position of letters and characters on a novel keyboard with fewer, larger buttons.

MessagEase app is available for Android and iphone devices. The app is available to download from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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