Intel introduces fourth generation quad-core processor with built-in LTE

Intel introduced a new 4th generation Intel Core processors that serve as foundation to wave of new 2-in-1s that combine stunning PC performance with tablet-like mobility in one device. It is designed first and foremost with the Ultrabook in mind and based on the company’s flagship 22nm Haswell microarchitecture, new Intel Core processors also delivers biggest power savings in company history, over 9 hours of battery life with stunning performance. It supports both Android and Windows 8.1 operating system.

This 22nm quad-core Atom SoC (“Bay Trail-T”) also have built-in graphics that deliver discrete-level performance, or up to two times the better performance of Intel’s previous generation. The versions of the new Intel Core processors, Intel Iris graphics bring the Ultrabook and other mobile PCs to life with built-in, eye-popping visual experiences.

Intel’s 4G LTE multimode solution in conjunction with the next-generation 22nm quad-core Atom SoC for tablets. The IntelĀ® XMM 7160 is one of the world’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband LTE solutions and will support global LTE roaming in a single SKU.

Intel’s next-generation 22nm Intel Atom SoC for smartphones that will deliver increased performance and battery life. The platform includes an integrated sensor hub for personalized services, as well as capabilities for data, device and privacy protection.