Microsoft launched Office Mobile App for iPhone

On 14th June Microsoft has officially announced its Office Mobile App for iPhone and iPads. This Office Mobile App is the office suite that supporting Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The app is specially designed for the iPhone, so the iPhone user can access the sky drive and Share point documents. When using your documents in the Mobile the format of the document never change. The app was synchronized to office 365 Subscription so the user can edit the documents offline and later it eill be synced whenever user access online.

With the help of the app the user can access the documents virtually. The document always look stunning.It gives quick edit and share. The presentation views provides more options  to edit and present the documents. The App is available free in the apple iTunes store and the user need an Office 365 subscription to use this App.The size of the app is about 58 MB.It is available in most of the languages.

Microsoft Office Mobile App in Apple iTunes Store














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