Moborobo 2.1.1 free phone and tablet manager

Moborobo is a app specially made for managing phones and tablets from a PC either over USB or wireless over Wi-Fi. Moborobo is a is a powerful tool with lots of features, including data back-up and restore, application and file management. The app is available for download at free of charge. Not only a smart phones and tablets also old devices running Windows Mobile and even feature phones by Motorola, LG, and other manufacturers.This helps the users who are switching to new device and need a way to transferring photos, ringtones, contacts, and other information as efficiently as possible. Naturally, a plethora of Android smartphones and tablets are supported, as well as all variants of the iPhone and the iPad.

Considering iOS devices, the latest update of Moborobo brought additional features for iPhone and iPad users. The app now allow one log in using their Apple ID and install or update applications from their PC. The app can also set the wallpaper of an iDevice, as well as its ringtone.

Moborobo provides access to a library of wallpapers that can be loaded onto a phone or tablet in a few easy steps. Music or videos can be transferred between devices easily.It has the ability to backup user data. Apps, call history, photos, music, videos, messages, and contacts – all of them are stored in a database on the user’s computer.

Source: Moborobo