Modern Combat 4 Game for Windows Phone 8

Gameloft will bring a number of mobile games to Windows Phone 8.  Gameloft provides the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to Windows Phone 8. This is an awesome first-person shooter and very exciting game arriving for Windows Phone from April 10 . Modern Combat provides a very similar experience to the popular Call of Duty console games but for mobile devices. Modern Combat 4 features an exciting single-player campaign as well as a robust multiplayer component. The multiplayer mode will work either online or via local Wi-Fi.

The campaign story line revolves around a series of terrorist attacks as well as the kidnapping of the US president. A dire situation! The story comes to life through fully-voiced cinematic that you’ll only find in mobile games from Gameloft. Players will take on several different roles throughout the campaign, including not only heroic military operatives but even the lead enemy.Gameloft has worked hard with Microsoft to ensure that players will be able to invite their Xbox Live friends while playing on Gameloft servers.












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