NFC and its features

Near Field Communication( NFC ) is a technology used in Mobiles phones for radio communication between the  devices. This is the technology to transfer the data’s between the devices with in short distance.This uses the technique of protocols standards.Most of the smartphones today comes with NFC technology. It is nothing but a short distance, low power wireless link that can transfer small amounts of data between the devices.

Data Transfer: Famous Android Beam software used the NFC technology for paring devices,enabling Bluetooth at the time of data transfer.Bluetooth headset,Media Player synchronization with the mobile devices can be done by NFC.

Identification: The NFC devices can be used as a device for identification.By tapping your phone on a contact less payment terminal in a shop, train station or coffee shop is able to identify your account. After that the payment can be taken from your account easily.No need to keep the credit cars and other cards with you. A simple Touch is enough to use the NFC. No more than the touch is required to use this technology.

Working principle

This is working like a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But NFC  additionally uses the electromagnetic radio fields.There three types of NFC technology Type A,Type B, feliCa.NFC may be a Active or Passive based on the information they read.


During the drive  NFC can unlock your car, adjust your seats, and even admit you to the company’s secure parking garage.The user can synchronize all their information like credit cards,Debit cards and other personal identity information into their smartphone and this will be safe.

GSMArc: Mobiles supports NFC