Pinterest iOS app update to discover new pins

Pinterest added the ability to edit pins. The Pinterest app on iOS has been upped to version 2.3.  The update allows the users to find newer pins. Another update is the ability to edit the Pinterest profile right from the phone. Also the app on the iPad has received a design refresh, giving users a close-up view of their pins.iOS 5 is required to use the App.In February  there is the update for iOS devices that  allows the users to edit pins and delete comments. Users can update the description of a pin, change the location of a board or delete a pin .

They can also delete any comments that they have made on Pinterest. The update improves the couple of bug fixes. The company says the update will be rolled out to more users. With this new update, Pinterest is aiming to keep users more captivated. The company stated on its blog, “We made the navigation more intuitive, so it’s faster to get to where you want to go.” 

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