Pinterest launched more pins

One of the photo sharing website Pinterest  has updated a two new features like Pinning with more information and Pinning from Mobile Apps on 20th May . The user can share their pictures based on their interest,hobbies.It can pin the images around the web.Pinterest added more pins for products like clothes and furniture’s with prices, availability status. Also for Recipes for cooking time,ingredients for the dishes,servings procedures.The another one is for Movies that has a rating,reviews etc.It also launched a button that is especially for Mobile Apps that allows user to pin their locations.The update makes the Pinterest more attractive.

Pinterest worked with more websites to provide pins for the users.Below the each picture the user can spot more information on it.On an blog post the Pinterest Pinterest software engineer Anna Majkowska stated that  “When you find something you love on Pinterest, sometimes you want to learn more so you can act on baking those cookies, renting that movie, or buying that couch,That’s why we’re taking a first step toward making pins more useful.”