Plants vs Zombies Game coming for Facebook

PopCap Games is bringing the game to Facebook as a social game. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, the game will adapt itself to the social platform. “Plants vs. Zombies is taking root on Facebook. The fun-dead world of Plants vs. Zombies is expanding with endless waves of new characters, strategies, territories, and community challenges,” .The company stated that the game was tested in a closed beta release by a limited number of Facebook users. This is the first phase of the game roll-out and PopCap Games plans to make it available more widely later in spring.Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a highly accessible and zombie-zapping adaptation of the original game designed specifically for Facebook,” said by Curt Bererton, head of PopCap’s San Francisco studio .

The company clarified that Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is not the same as the much-awaited Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Facebook version of the game will take users on a humorous series of road trips, traveling to thwart zombie invasion in a variety of settings.  the user will be able to send hordes of zombies to your Facebook friends. New zombie and plant types, new ways of obtaining, cultivating and deploying plant defenses, and leaderboards features are also added in the Game.











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