Samsung may working on metal body Smartphone Galaxy S5

The rumors had started about the Samsung’s next generation flagship device Galaxy S5. Mobile Giant Samsung have been releasing the Galaxy S4 series mobiles this year and it has achieved its milestone of S4 sales.The S4 created the bench mark in the market because f its innovative features.  Even through compare with other brands like HTC,Sony,Apple the drawback of Samsung mobile phones is its body designs. Samsung phones are costlier than others but even it has a cheap plastic body. This is the problems in the Samsung smartphones.So surely this may not be repeat again. yes Samsung may working on the Metal body design for its next generation device S5 that is design 3.0.Also the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be April 2014.

what are all the new innovations that will be available in the next generation device Galaxy S5. The first one is Metal body design, that provides the premium feel to the smartphone.Also the metal body prevents from the removal of battery from the smartphone second is about display. Galaxy S5 may be come with the YOUM flexible mobile display. The screen size may be 5.21 inches. With the existing water proof,Dust proof technologies additionally Shatter proof,shock proof technologies may be available.

About the memory the S5 may come with the different memory variants. Apple,HTC offers different memory variant for a single mobile phone. But Samsung also offer that but mostly the same memory device is available.Currently the problem in the smartphone is plastic body design, Over heating problems in the battery,Browser issues,repeated designs. Samsung may rectify all these issues in the upcoming smartphones.Apart from this Galaxy S5 may come with new features. Will see it on next year.

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