SkyDrive updated for iOS by Microsoft

Microsoft rolled out the update for SkyDrive users who need to access their accounts on iOS devices. Microsoft has updated its cloud service application on Apple’s platform and added support for iPhone 5 and iPad mini after 10 months. The reason for the delay by Microsoft to update SkyDrive was because of the controversy with Apple regarding revenue which was generated by the cloud storage service. The update provides the support for the newest iOS devices iPad mini and iPhone 5. The app will feature new user experience with a revamped user interface and app icons.

Photo functionality has been improved by the update. User will be able to download full resolution photos to your iPhone and iPad, control the size of the photos , upload and download and the metadata of the images are retained when upload to SkyDrive now.Microsoft also says the update provides also small changes, bug fixes and performance improvements. Microsoft released a statement regarding the update saying, “We worked with Apple to create a solution that benefited our mutual customers.”

SkyDrive’s focus the Xbox 360 app was on photo sharing and Party Slide show. The photo sharing app allows you to view photos or videos on your television sets. the user can even share them with your family and friends through your Xbox and even view those shared with you. If you have and use a Windows phone, your images will be available on the TV via your Xbox. Party Slide Show  feature allows you to play slideshows on your TV as a kind of  background while there is a party going on. You can even choose to play videos from the last party or holiday in the background.The SkyDrive for Xbox 360 app supports Kinect voice controls and gestures, remote controller input .Essentially, you can activate slideshows of images or open folders with simple voice commands.

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