Sony rolled out my Xperia security App

Sony has officially launched its mobile security service in July 2013. Sony announced its remote security service “my Xperia”. This app was already in the testing process in this year earlier and now ”my Xperia” is launching globally. This app is works on the Sony devices that was released in 2012 and 2013.App is currently rolled out globally.

“my Xperia” is Sony’s remote security app that is specially to find out the missed or theft Sony smartphones. The App can locate and protect your Xperia smartphone when it was misplaced.With my Xperia app the user can locate their devices with a sound alert or display its position on a map. The user can erase data and can lock the device when they lost.

After installed the App on the device the user can sign in to the centralized network  using their Gmail id.After that user can activate the lot of options like Sound an alert to get someone’s attention. This will help to override silent mode and wake the display. Find out the Map location of the phone. Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details etc. Main advantage is user can Erase both internal and external memory if they needed.

my Xperia App Site:

GSMArc: Sony Mobiles