Sony Xperia XA and X Performance are released in U.S

Sony has officially rolled out two smartphones xperia xa and x performance in U.S. Last month these mobile up for preorder at U.S online retailers. The users can purchase these two handsets from the following stores – amazon, bestbuy and regan wireless. The prices of xperia xa and x performance handsets are $275.09 and $699. Both mobiles are comes in black, lime gold, rose gold and white.


The amazon has listed unlocked xperia xa and x performance with a free memory card offer. The user can buy xperia x performance handset with 128GB microSD card for the same retail price $699. For Xperia XA they were providing 64GB memory card along with this device. For that the user to need to pay $279.99 or you can choose the phone alone and pay actual price $275.09.

As we have already discussed the features of these handsets for many times. To know about the complete features of Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance check the following link.

Full Specifications – Sony Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance