Street View feature for Apple Maps

Apple Maps app was criticized when it was launched at first. After that it has made changes and updated the app to provide functionality like in Google Maps. But Google still holds Street View feature as the best.  Now Apple is currently working for that feature to implement in Apple maps.Apple is looking to deploy a navigation system based on panoramic location data. The patent application for 3D Position Tracking for Panoramic Imagery Navigation describes a GUI that uses the iPhone or iPad’s sensors to navigate panoramic imagery.

The street view implementation on an iPhone will track subsystems and on board sensors to translate a user’s physical motion into a panoramic navigation The users have to pinch on the map or drop a pin before they are taken to the Street View mode. Once there, they can move their device in any direction to view panoramic imagery supplied by the built-in storage or through cellular data. Movement is controlled by moving the device forward and back.The sensors will continue to collect movement data, including linear and velocity metrics, and translating the motions into the GUI.

















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