Swype keyboard for Android on Google Play

After spending years in the beta stage, the original gesture-based Android keyboard that is Swype Keyboard  is finally available on Google Play. The is available on Google Play at the cost of $0.99 for a limited time. Free trial version also available on Google play. This Swype keyboard comes with a bunch of features like Living Language and Next Word Prediction. Living Language updates the dictionary with the latest trending words and also localises the dictionary with an additional dialect supplement for your preferred language.Next Word Prediction predicts the words you might want to type after your current one.

Swype keyboard on Google Play

Swype keyboard  Trial version

There are also features like personal dictionary backups and syncing, dictation using Nuance’s Dragon technology and the Smart Editor, which analyses entire sentences for any errors, grammatical or spelling.The keyboard essentially works by letting you slide across the letters instead of tapping. The keyboard’s built-in dictionary automatically detects what words you might have been typing depending on what letter you stop your finger over.

You can add your own words to the dictionary by typing them out. After the first time, you can Swype the word whenever you want.Swype also has gestures that let you access alternate keyboards really fast. Swype had originally started back in 2010, back when typing on a phone keyboard wasn’t ideal because of the smaller screens of the phone. The company made available this keyboard for original Samsung Galaxy S.

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