Transfer Contacts from Android phone to Window phone

These are the few steps to import your contacts from Android phone to Window phone.

If you have Android phone in your hand, then from Home screen tap on to your ‘Contacts’ icon.
Then tap the ‘Menu’ key from your address book to view the options, from that option choose the ‘Import/Export’ option.
In the Import/Export dialog box select the ‘Export to SIM card’ option. When you set up your Android handset, your contacts synced it with your Gmail (Google Mail) account.
Then check the contacts that you want to exports and click to ‘Export’ to export your selected contacts.

After that, remove the SIM card from Android handset and insert it in your Windows Phone to import your contacts.
From the Start screen on Windows Phone, tap ‘People’ and tap the More menu, then Click on ‘Settings’. Choose ‘Import SIM contacts’ and follow the instructions to import the contacts.

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